Full spectrum engineering

They are building The Metaverse

and we are going to be the product.


Currently we are in the early stages of the interactive metaverse, online games are one big example, but the way they are built is not open, they have no interlink.

The rest is web and it’s mostly read only.

Many are using a top-down approach to build the metaverse. As a single, monolithic virtual world. Doing it right is a massive undertaking and very centralized.

The reality is that we have no good tech to create, compose and share decentralized interactivity around the metaverse.


We need to build a creativity engine first, bottom-up. Because the open metaverse will be built by its own users.

The metaverse will be everywhere, not just the web browser, and as such the tools to build it have to be multi platform.

Users need the ability to create their own experiences easily.

Decentralization is paramount, the tools have to be Web3 native because we want to let users own the full stack and be able to build the metaverse within the metaverse.

About us

Bringing unbound and creative programmability to the Metaverse.


Building a creativity engine.

The Metaverse will be owned and built by its users and not every user needs to be an engineer, creativity should have no bounds or obstacles.

We are building the HTML of The Metaverse, open, easy to use and allowing multi platform programmability around and interlinking the virtual universe.

Internal Tech Stack

C++, Rust, Lisp dialects, Solidity, some JS.

libp2p, IPFS, BGFX, ImGui, Tensorflow, PyTorch, OpenAI, Rapier, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Wasm3, LLVM, Ethereum.

And more, anything high performance.



Creativity engine

The first dApp to build apps, games and virtual worlds.

A low code, fast, immediate and batteries included creative framework to build fast and efficient multi-platform applications in the form of NFTs and more.


An open scripting programming language for the future.

A future where the current Screen or Desktop, Mouse and Keyboard are replaced by virtual interfaces within a VR/MR/AR environment.