Full spectrum intelligence


Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence soulutions. Our bleeding-edge technologies will drive you into the industry 4.0 revolution, while you enjoy the ride.

Deep Learning

State-of-the-art data analysis and machine learning solutions.

No matter if for computer vision, gaming, trading, blockchain or automation.
You name it!

AI and Cortical Algorithms

With novel methods like HTM and Spiking Neural Networks, we go beyond classical techniques.

ANN and SNN inference and training on FPGA devices.

Cloud Deployment

Low latency and interactive content streaming solutions.

Infrastructure for complex hosting scenarios leveraging GPU and FPGA computing based on KVM (with VFIO support), Docker and Kubernetes.

Smart Drones

Intelligent algorithms for agriculture, photogrammetry and surveillance. Our drones have a brain on board!

Intelligent self-driving solutions supporting popular flight controllers and custom RISC-V/FPGA designs.


Filter Brain

A Unity3D plug-in that allows you to learn and replicate the pixel transform between two texture assets, and to apply it to any number of textures of your game

Gym Brain

A software for real-time analysis of customer's visits in sports centers and forecasting of their behavioral patterns.


Open-source frontend for the well known Pytorch deep-learning library, written in Nim