Full spectrum engineering

Users should be the platform

Everyone should be able to create


The Metaverse is made of closed, proprietary and extractive corporate owned platforms.

Online games can disappear any moment wiping their userbase and all the communities built on top.

Tools are in the hunter-gatherer stage. Game engines are bloated, boring and unnecessarily complex.

The reality is that we have no good tools to create, compose and share interactivity around the metaverse.

We are building a fully decentralized game platform & creation system

Owned, shaped, financed and sustained entirely by its users


Anyone should be able to Create and Monetize no matter if 10 years old or rocket scientist.

Creations, “Fragments”, are fully stored on chain and using our SDK they can exist throughout The Metaverse as Augmented Virtual Reality.

We are building the HTML of The Metaverse, open, easy to use and allowing multi platform programmability.

Internal Tech Stack

C++, Rust, Lisp dialects, Solidity, some JS.

libp2p, IPFS, BGFX, ImGui, Tensorflow, PyTorch, OpenAI, Rapier, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Wasm3, LLVM, Ethereum.

And more, anything high performance.



Creativity engine

The first dApp to build apps, games and virtual worlds.

A low code, fast, immediate and batteries included creative framework to build fast and efficient multi-platform applications in the form of NFTs and more.


An open scripting programming language for the future.

A future where the current Screen or Desktop, Mouse and Keyboard are replaced by virtual interfaces within a VR/MR/AR environment.